Hello world!

Greetings world,

As one might surmise, this site is about the difference between real Israel today, and one that I currently see as incredibly fraudulent.  I am definitely pro the real Israel, and am not really anti any and all fraudulent Israels, except to expose everything exactly for what it is, real or untrue.  I will enjoy your inputs, as long as you are sincere and civil.  I won’t tolerate rage filled name-calling as such activity is counterproductive and leads only to anger all around.  Enjoy and discuss. 

I am in favor of true and genuine truth-finding conversations.  A great little book on this, by business consultant Susan Scott is Fierce Conversations.  One thing I admire many Jews for is their ability to have honest, even intense, or fierce as Susan calls them, conversations and still be friends on the other side of such debates.  We Christians need to learn such open honesty.  Lead on Lord Jesus.

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